Dr. Jorge L. Valdes was recently featured in the Netflix docu-series: Cocaine Cowboys, Kings of Miami, but who is realy is Dr. Valdes? As a young man in his twenties with an insatiable thirst for money and power, Jorge Valdés was a founding member of a group that became known as Colombia's Medellin Drug Cartel. His crucial position as the head of U.S. operations brought him into direct contact with presidents, generals, Hollywood celebrities, hired killers, and kidnapers.  This Cuban immigrant, raised in poverty, was living the high life in the 70's.  As a millionaire playboy, making one to three million dollars a month, he had access to gorgeous women, yachts, private jets, and mansions all over the world.  Unfortunately, his deeds took him from the lap of luxury to the depths of prison and back again.  He even endured tortures after his plane crash in the jungles of Panama. Dr. Valdes had a family, education, and wealth, and he thought his American Dream came true, or so it seemed. 

Then an incredible thing happened: Jorge Valdés encountered a person much more powerful than the strongest drug lord, someone who offered something more satisfying than women, drugs, money, prestige, or power.

As he was being released from prison he was told he would never be anything but a twice-convicted drug dealer.  Today Dr. Jorge Valdés, who holds a Master's degree from Wheaton College (Illinois) and a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies and Ethics from the University of Loyola Chicago is a renowned speaker who brings a message of hope, forgiveness, and the power to change. 

Dr. Jorge Valdés has created the Narco Mindset Academy, A monthly membership program focusing on helping others build what Dr. Valdes calls the Ultimate Narco Mindset. He has also launched the Narco Mindset Podcast and a YouTube Channel.  His first book, Coming Clean, was published worldwide by WaterBrook Press (a division of Random House/Doubleday) in September 1999, and that same year, Vida Publishers published Cuentas Claras.  In June of 2018, Ediciones Logos published Jorge’s second Spanish book, Cerebro Narco. His second English book, Narco Mindset, along with Narco Mindset Workbook, were recently published by SLT Publishing and available through Amazon.  SLT Publishing also created Coming Clean in the Workplace on Business Ethics.



Dr. Jorge L. Valdés serves clients in Miami, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Ángeles, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Philadelphia and the whole USA.

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