I am so excited to Welcome you to the Narco Mindset Community. For the last twenty years I have been constantly asked how I survived and overcame the narco world, tortures, years in prison and eventually build a multimillion-dollar business, enjoy almost 25 years of an amazing marriage, and most important raise six successful children. My response is simple: “No matter what I have achieved or what challenges I faced, I it was all because of The Narco Mindset I developed in my journey to find meaning and happiness in my life.


In the past I have shared my Narco Mindset with high-net-worth individuals, as well as famous athletes whom I have coached.  No matter how much money you have, or how famous you are, we all struggle with the same challenges.  Today, by joining the Narco Mindset Community you have taken the first step in building a strong Narco Mindset that will help you achieve your goals and find meaning and purpose for your life.


 THE NARCO MINDSET COMMUNITY is not just a tagline, book or a social club.  It is a COMMUNITY that embraces the principles that I learned as a founding member of a group of Colombian drug smugglers who would eventually be called the Medellin Drug Cartel.  In our monthly gathering I will share with you how I developed my Narco Mindset, that not only saved my life, but brought me tremendous success in business and family, as well as helping me to return to school and society, obtain Ph.D.  and build a strong family and multi-million-dollar business. 


I was not born a genius nor was I endowed with any special gifts. Everything that I have today came from the set of beliefs that I embraced and the resulting Narco Mindset that I created. This became my character and I want to help you to develop yours.


Finally, I want you to look at the symbol that represents our community.  This symbol represents the many roads we all travel, and the many winding turns we take seeking meaning and purpose. Yet, as we develop a strong Narco Mindset our journey will lead us to the road we always dreamed of that center road.


God Bless
Jorge Valdes Ph.D.

Dr. Jorge L. Valdés serves clients across Miami, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. Toronto, Philadelphia and all over the USA.

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