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Sought-after Speaker who has given many keynote addresses throughout the United States, Central and South America.

Why Hire Dr. Jorge L. Valdés For Your Next Event

Dr. Jorge L. Valdés has spoken before members of the US House of Representatives, the US Pentagon, and to many foreign Ambassadors in Washington DC, as well as conducting citywide events with members of the US House of Representative.

Dr. Valdés has delivered many keynote addresses such as: The National Day of Prayer, and Concerned Women of America, with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and many others, as well as being the guest speaker for Focus on the Family at the Memorial of Columbine.  Dr. Valdés has spoken to large crowds in Mexico City, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile, and Madrid, Spain among many other countries.

As a scholar, motivational speaker and successful business leader , Dr. Jorge L. Valdés has traveled the world, speaking to a diverse audience, both secular and religious, sharing an inspirational story of hope, forgiveness, redemption and second chances, helping others to value what is truly important in life and to avoid the trap of searching for meaning where there is none.

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Dr. Jorge L. Valdes' serves clients across Miami, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. Toronto, Philadelphia and all over the USA.

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