My vision for you is to help you build the

Ultimate Narco Mindset.


I have been constantly asked how I survived and overcame the narco world, tortures, years in prison, and then eventually built a multimillion-dollar business, enjoyed over 25 years of marriage, and most importantly raised six successful children.  My response is simple: "No matter what I have achieved or what challenges I faced, the Narco Mindset I developed has allowed me to find meaning and happiness in my life".


About the Narco Mindset Community


Jorge Valdes Ph.D.

Told he would never be anything but a twice-convicted drug dealer, Dr. Jorge Valdes, who holds a Master's degree from Wheaton College (Illinois) and a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies and Ethics from the University of Loyola in Chicago is also a renowned speaker who brings a message of hope, forgiveness and the power to change.

Today, Dr. Jorge Valdes spends his time reflecting, writing and mentoring.  His Podcast and YouTube channel challenge everyone to delve deeper into learning from our life lessons. 


Dr. Jorge L. Valdés serves clients across Miami, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. Toronto, Philadelphia and all over the USA.

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