What makes Dr. Valdés unique to coach high-profile individuals?

The challenges that every high-level executive face, especially those who lead large corporations or religious organizations, are many, but to highlight the most significant ones where Dr. Valdés’ lifelong experiences are unique, they include: Trust, Marriage, Children, Business Environment and Drugs.

TRUST – Why can’t we come clean with others in today’s world? Is it because, if we do, we fear that the person will judge us and then condemn us? So, we go on and pretend with most people around us, and even often times with our spouse and children. To fully come clean with others and be liberated from that hidden secret which enslaves us, a person must be transparent with whom they have complete confidence that they can trust with all, and any, of the most sensitive issues they are facing. So, the critical question becomes who can they trust completely with and be assured that the person will never turn on them?  These are the areas where Valdés is uniquely qualified.

MARRIAGE – Seven years into their marriage, and at the height of his speaking career, Dr. Valdés’ wife asked for a divorce.  There were no issues of infidelity, drug alcohol addiction, it was simply abandonment. Sujey felt that Dr. Valdés was saving the world but had abandoned his family, especially her; she felt that she meant nothing to him, and in her battle with depression, even as a very committed Christian, Sujey felt that the only way to save her life was through divorce. The challenge for Dr. Valdés was enormous, and the road very painful. Today, Dr. Valdés and his amazing wife recently celebrated their twenty-second anniversary. The breakdown of the family is the beginning of a broken society.

CHILDREN –How do we help our child who has considered suicide and or is addicted to opioid? Dr. Valdés raised four children from two previous marriages. By the time his oldest son Jorge was fifteen years old, Dr. Valdés had spent more than ten of those years in prison.  When Dr. Valdés oldest daughter Krystle was three years old, Jade was two years old, and Alex, a newborn baby, they saw their dad go to prison for almost five years.  Today Jorge Jr. is a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago; Krystle has a master’s degree in special education from Kennesaw College; Jade graduated from University of Miami Law School and Alex, who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from University of Georgia, passed his CPA exam on the first try.  Was this a miracle? Dr. Valdés is experienced, like few others, to help leaders face the challenges of raising children in this culture.

BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT –A federal judge once said of Dr. Valdés s, when he had just turned twenty-three years old: “In this court opinion, Mr. Valdés is a financial genius.” Dr. Valdés made millions in the drug world and, after a life changing experience where he forfeited all his assets to the US government, Dr. Valdés walked out of prison penniless; yet, by implementing many of the same principles he learned over his life, in fewer than ten years Dr. Valdés grew a small business into a multi-million dollar international corporation.

DRUGS – Virtually every family today has been, and or is affected by the opioid crisis, most prevalently among the wealthy class and no one is immune, and yet, no one knows the drug world as Dr. Valdés knows it, not only from the inside, but from living the experience of a child overdosing on opioid and today being a very successful business man. Dr. Valdés is uniquely qualified to consult leaders in this area.


Dr. Jorge L. Valdés serves clients across Miami, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. Toronto, Philadelphia and all over the USA.

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