We are a faith-based foundation that has the vision to create a better world by impacting incarcerated men, women, and children who have been abandoned by society. We give them a message of hope, redemption, and faith in a God who forgives us.

Yes, we pay for the consequences of our choices, but those choices do not define us; we can redeem ourselves and be better.

Our mission is not to convert people from one faith to another; our mission is to transform the hearts of these men, women, and children who are incarcerated so that they can become contributing members of society and change the world through their conversion.

We strongly believe that in life, we only have one chance to make a difference.


To me and my business partners the definition of a great company is one who gives back. We believed that if God blessed us with wealth, it was our responsibility to give a percentage of that wealth to make an impact on the life of others; thus, we created the TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION.

Our founding director, Dr. Valdes, has committed his life to address the failures of the War on Drugs. Dr. Valdes believes that we will never win the war on drugs, especially if we continue to sit back and do nothing. THE TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION sends copies of Dr. Valdes’ books to as many United States prisons as possible. It is our dream to distribute one million books in the next ten years! We have seen how incarcerated men, women, and children have been impacted by the thousands of books we have sent in the last twenty years.

Dr. Valdes has given all his book rights, theatrical, and speaking fees to THE TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION. Currently, he has published a compelling book just for inmates: Narco Mindset – Freedom Edition.

Now my question for you is - what legacy will you leave behind?

It only takes one person and one child to change the lives of many and thus change the world.

Pray how you can make a difference.

A few responses from Men and Women who have read the book….

"The impact of Narco-Mindset—Freedom Edition upon our inmate population has been powerful, positive and immediate! From the first day I began to distribute them in segregation then in gen pop, men of all backgrounds spoke of how impressed they were by Jorge Valdes' testimony. Staff members have been reading it as well. Everyone here is eating up his testimony!! Please send us as many as you can and thank you!" – Chaplain Steve Crino, Whiteville Prison - Whiteville, TN

‘I am a mother. I was very touched by this book. Been praying on my knees for the first time in life by myself.’ – Ohio County Jail Inmate

'The book brings hope for myself. I believed that no one could love a sinner such as me, but now know I am wrong. I realize that even someone like me can become a new person and have everlasting life if I just turn myself over to God.' – Desoto Correctional Inmate – Arcadia, FL

'An inmate gave me the book- said it would change my life. Well, it did !!! ' - Belmont Correctional Inmate - St. Clairsville, OH

'Your story has touched my heart and soul deeply. Being an ex-drug dealer, I too feel empty. As I finished reading the book, I had uncontrollable tears running down- I couldn't stop crying. I am truly done with the fake lifestyle of a drug dealer. I feel in my heart God has a purpose for me.' - PA City Jails Inmate, Philadelphia

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