• Episode #11- Narco Mindset Podcast-Coronavirus - Comments

    Author: Dr. Jorge L. Valdés | | Categories: health , inspirational , motivational , sick , virus , CARTEL , CORONAVIRUS , drugs , NARCO , PANDEMIC , prison , PRISON REFORM


    Dr. Valdes explained how life will change in the way we do community; how technology will further influence our lives, and businesses will reinvent themselves.  Telemedicine is going to improve our health and the way we look at doctors. Where we used only to think that our military were the true patriots, a new segment of patriotism has arisen; nurses, doctors, healthcare providers, and first responders have joined the ranks. Church will be different; how we worship will be different; the government will never again be small, it will be a significant part of our lives. Dr. Valdes states that a positive aspect of this virus is that we are no longer democrats or republicans; no longer are we white, brown, or black, for once we are one, we are Americans, and we realize that our fates are intertwined with each other. He goes into the state of our prison system during this crisis.