What is the Ultimate Narco Mindset?



What is the Ultimate Narco Mindset?

September 8, 2020 

 Dr. Jorge Valdés


Have you ever wondered why this culture is so enamored with anything to do with Narcos? We have numerous movies starting with Scarface, to Blow, to the entire Narco Series, and with the movie American Made. The Spanish series, Pablo Escobar Patron del Mal, is now subtitled and a great hit on Netflix.  

As a founding member of the group that went on to become the Medellin Drug Cartel and living the life of a Drug Lord for eleven years, I have my theory as to why men are obsessed with these shows. I see this phenomenon with a particular set of lenses that most likely are very different than the lenses you see through. Please note that this is my theory, and it does not have to be necessarily right or wrong.  


My theory is as follows, and perhaps allow me to personalize it. 

When I was younger, even though there were no Narcos featured on television, there were many gangster movies where the fascination was the same, yet we were more reserved back in the ’50s and 60’ so no one talked about it. Thus, for this essay, I will examine this fascination from my unique Narco Mindset.

As a young man, before I joined the cartel, I looked at gangsters as the ultimate man. They had power, people feared them, lived a luxurious life, and it seemed that they had all the women. As an up and coming young executive with the Federal Reserve Bank, with immense potential, I also was fascinated by these people, and deep down inside I wanted to be like them, without the criminal element. So, I found myself rooting for the bad guy even though I knew they were horrible human beings that had caused a lot of pain to many people.


Then, one day I became one of them. I became the ultimate Narco; I was the US head of the biggest narco family in the world. It was amazing to me to see how suddenly everyone wanted to be me. People who had an enormous amount of wealth drove the most expensive cars and could have any women they wanted, and all wanted to be seen with me. They wanted to buy me champagne, and I would venture anything else if I ever asked them.  


You see, these men had all the wealth in the world, but what they realize is that all that wealth could not buy them the power I had; their fear. Yes, they had wealth, but they wanted to be fearless; they wanted to know what it was like to stare into the barrel of a gun, be shot at, and not give a darn. What was it like to do whatever you wanted, no matter what the risk was?


Yes, we are fascinated with Narcos, and we root for the bad guy, even knowing that he is a despicable, immoral human being who does not care who he kills or abuses. We root for him despite all this horror. We are willing to ignore the bad because deep down inside, we desire to be them. We tell ourselves if I had that power. If people feared me, I would not be as bad; I would simply be the ultimate alpha male.  


So, what is this Narco Mindset I help people develop? Not the Mindset to make them into the ultimate Narco, but the Mindset I developed that allowed me to attain that power I had. The Mindset that did not fear anything or anyone; the self-confidence that told me I could achieve anything I wanted; no obstacle was big enough. The Mindset where people begin to see the world through different lenses. What they seemed to think that was insurmountable, now they see it as doable. The Mindset that helps people you refocus their life takes them from stagnation to success.


My Mindset allowed me to face tortures, imprisonment in foreign and domestic prisons, create an empire at the age of twenty-one. The Mindset allowed me to forfeit millions at the age of thirty-six with the possibility of spending the rest of my life in jail, and not worrying about it. When the world said I was a twice-convicted drug dealer, and no one would hire me at the age of forty, I said no and went on to achieve a Ph. D. the highest scholarly title one can achieve. And ultimately, the Mindset that helped me start a company with no money and built it into a multi-million dollar national and international company. The Mindset that allowed me to retire at the age of 56 a millionaire.  


 I have coached many high net worth individuals whose greatest struggle is in their marriage, and as their marriage struggles, everything else follows, children, finances, relationships, businesses. Or perhaps they are constantly facing obstacles, stagnation, and complacency. 


I have faced more challenges in my life than most humans can even conceive. With the Narco Mindset I developed, I was able to overcome all these challenges and put together an amazing family, successful children, and an amazing marriage.  

Today, I share that same Mindset with others so that they can see the world through different lenses, lenses of joy, lenses of understanding, lenses of self-confidence, and lenses of love for self, creator, and others. 

As I look back through my life as a Drug Lord, I believe that the Mindset I formed/acquired would not have been complete outside of the power the biblical writings had on my life. At first, I read the bible not as a holy book or a religious book, but as a historical book, the more I read, the more I realized how today we share the same struggles the individuals highlighted in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures had. Finally, once I began to acquire a solid knowledge of what these people 2000 to 6000 years ago were like, how they surmounted so many obstacles, same as I had, tortures, prison, hunger, persecution, and others I began to read the bible as a book of morals. I realized that what every great leader shared in common was a heightened sense of integrity, honor truth, willing to die for what you believe.  


So, when I wrote the Narco Mindset Journal, I immediately saw the wisdom of grounding every Mindset on a biblical passage. Moral people do not kill, cheat, or steal. Moral people help neighbors, overcome obstacles, and look past the moment into the future.


I believe that in light of what many believe is decay in our nation’s morality, we can extrapolate eternal moral principles not bound to space or time from the Judeo-Christian writings, not as religious writings but as guidelines for our Mindset. These guidelines provided by the Judeo-Christian Scriptures as a book of morality will help each individual to ground their mindsets, not on thin air, but on solid teachings that have survived the test of time for our ethical behavior in the workplace can have a tremendous influence on us and all those around us.