For Crying out Loud, We Cannot Let Fear Conquer Us

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When a Man Cries

June 25, 2020

Dr. Jorge Valdés

My children and wife always kid me that I have become soft in my old age, and they wonder how a man who people said ice ran through his veins never cried, and now I cry watching the Disney film Coco.  

It is easy for me to answer them. I tell my children how the day I came from Cuba, October 11, 1966, and at the airport, my mother was left behind. Suddenly my father forty-years-old with three small children, ten, nine, and five, could not afford to feed us; ever since that day, I never shed a tear again until I became a follower of Jesus.

Today when I share my story with others, I always say the same thing; I do not care if that person is Jewish, Christian, Atheist, or whatever a person believes is their God-given option. I do not care what color they are or what gender they are, and I try not to convert anyone. All I care to do is to share how the love of a Jewish Carpenter transformed the most hardened of all hearts. 

I have shared this with my dear friend and like-minded brother Anthony Petrucci, and a few days ago, he sent me an email that I believe puts is all in perspective.  I share this with you because during this trying time because its a writing that we all must meditate on. Enjoy


For Crying Out Loud, We Cannot Let Fear Conquer Us.


A man can cry out of compassion, feeling the pain of another, and it's noble. A man can cry over sin, and it's cathartic. A man can cry out of a passion for achieving a goal, and the burning desire to succeed overwhelms him to the point where he weeps from the strong desire because his emotions are bubbling over, and it's a sign of determination. 

Furthermore, a man can cry from brokenness because something bad had happened to him, and there is no shame in it. We are wounded-warriors, after all. A man can also cry out of mental illness or clinical depression (i.e., an imbalance of physical chemicals), and it's involuntary, revealing a need for professional help in many cases to resolve it entirely. We live in imperfect bodies with wounded souls, and anyone can break down, even unexpectedly. Overcoming, it reveals strength.

However, the last type of crying that will be covered in this blog is a type that can turn one's stomach with disgust: when a man cries out of fear, giving up the fight, succumbing to lack of faith, and allowing himself to be emasculated. 

This may sound paradoxical, given everything happening in the world, but we are living in an age when men need to stand up to be leaders during this turbulent time. We may cry out of compassion or out of burning desire or over sin (one's own or the sins of the whole nation) or from brokenness, but this giving in to the spirit of fear, this curling up like a baby under the sheets and crying for Mommy; this existential angst and abdication of our calling as leaders; no, no, no, the true influencers should not be the numbskulls on TV or social media, but the fathers of families, providing leadership within each family. 

We need to stir up the God-given courage in our hearts to fight for our children and our children's children. We need to fight for their future freedoms. Sure, cry over the possibility of the U.S. becoming an authoritarian state with restricted religious freedom and new forms of censorship. But instead of giving in to fear, fight for freedom and civil liberties for everyone. We need to get back to our constitutional basis of freedom, liberty, and justice for all equally.  

We are at one of those unique pivotal times in American history. Unfortunately, our leaders across America have dropped the ball. A truly great leader identifies and captures this moment in history. Where are the true leaders?  

Regardless of how fast political leaders try to figure out ways to arise and be more effective in the political arena to address today's most challenging issues on national, state, and local levels, people of faith need to start to rise up to provide leadership for this nation. It may not even be the "celebrity pastors" but others in the corporate body of believers to rise up and give voice to hope for everyone.


God bless,