My wife's tribute to my daughters High School senior graduation. -Narco Mindset Podcast - Bonus

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On the Narco Mindset Podcast this week 

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This is my wife's tribute to our daughter's high school senior graduation. We recognize this is a hard time for many people, and we want every senior to know that we see them and love them. We often get lost in our struggles, even though in light of our current situation, missing graduation may seem frivolous. We need to understand and acknowledge each other's difficulties. We need to love one another and serve each other. We know the class of 2020 will change the world!

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Ever since I can remember I yearned for the day that I would be able to hold my baby girl in my arms.  Tears rolled down my face when the doctor finally revealed, It’s a girl!.  After the appointment I rushed home and joyously announced to my friends and family the good news.  I spent the next few weeks buying all the pink bows and dresses I could find and you finally came into this world on your own terms.  Many nights when I rocked you to sleep I would sometimes doze off dreaming of the women you would one day become.  I would play in my mind how I would design elaborate parties like your birthday,  Quinciancera, your graduations and your wedding.  

It excited me that we could share in making memories by experiencing all of these beautiful traditions together.  This year I was especially looking forward to see the culmination of all your hard work as you participated in all the wonderful senior milestones.  

The coronavirus upended all of our lives.  But yours came to a screeching halt without and inch of warning.  You never got to say good-bye to your friends that you grew to know and love these past few years.  You weren’t allowed to express your gratitude to all the teachers and staff that have guided you along this journey.  All your senior privileges and traditions were erased in the blink of an eye.  At the time the long hours spent studying didn’t seem so bad since you knew that there would be an end and a grand celebration.  Sadly this celebratory rite of passage has been yanked from your story.  I am so sorry that you had to experience this and I am devastated that I am powerless to change this situation.  I want you to know that I see your pain, I see your frustration and I am proud of your positivity and resilience. 

Know that that God has a plan for you, new adventures will quickly come your way and these obstacles will make you even stronger. 


Love Mom