Narco Mindset Weekly Update (7) - Perspective on the Prison System

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Narco Mindset Weekly Update (7)

Perspective on the Prison System

May 8, 2020


Host: Jorge Valdes Ph.D. - An Author, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and You Tuber 

Narco Mindset’s Weekly Update brings you Dr. Valdes’ very unique perspective on current events.

In this weekly update, Dr. Valdes discusses the tremendous pain it has caused our prison system and how we need to think about prison reform. He talks on the immense strain it has caused to our prison system and how we need to think about prison reform.  Dr. Valdes posits what he believes we need to see as a country. 

a.    First, we need to realize that anyone of our loved ones could be part of this catastrophe right now, it can happen to your loved ones, your children, your daughters, cousins, and best friends. No one is immune.

b.    These men, women, and children cannot do anything to help themselves; they are genuinely at the mercy of God.

c.    We need to seriously consider prison reform and force our elected officials to create programs that will help our prisoners become better citizens.

Narco Mindset Weekly Update began March 27, 2020.

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 INTRO:             Welcome to Reflections from a Narco Mindset. Dr. Valdes examines issues we face today. We hope you will gain hope, wisdom, inspiration and truth from the secrets hidden in his ultimate narco mindset.

Jorge:               Welcome to the Narco Mindset Weekly Update. Today, I want us to take a moment and think about a part of our world that is really suffering. Has anybody thought about the prison population? Has anybody thought about how these people right now are in a situation where they have no ability to be socially separated? Most prisons are all full, they’re overcrowded. You’re talking about 6 feet separation. If everyone is inside the dormitory, there’s probably not two feet of separation. They hardly have any medicines. The situation is pretty drastic.

                        Well, just remember, when you think about those people, and you say, “Wow, the committed a crime, who cares? That’s their problem.” You know what, there’s a lot of people there that the only crime that they committed is that they were an addict. I’m here to tell you something, addicts are not criminal, they’re just people that have mental issues. Here’s what’s most important, if it’s time to ever think and realize that anyone of our loved ones could be part of this catastrophic situation right now, it can happen to your loved ones, it can happen to your children, your daughter, cousins and best friends. No one’s immune.

                        If you think there’s no way it could happen to your children or your grandchildren, wake up because let me tell you, I can tell you stories of unbelievable people, Christian people, upright people, families that are unbelievable. They’re just model families. People that you all know that own enterprise that are ... so many persons that we love and some companies that we just admire tremendously. I can tell you a story about some of their children, what has happened to them. This is kids brought up in church, so it can happen to anyone. Peer pressure is horrific. What our children are going through in our world today is unbelievable. The temptation is out of this earth.

                        The emptiness, the loneliness. I pray that this coronavirus has done something to bring families together so that they can feel what it is to be present there. So, when we think about our prison population and the pain, for those of us that have a praying life, let’s pray for those men and women and children. Listen to me, there’s a lot of children in prison today across America. How can a child, 10, 12, 11 years old be a criminal? If a child, 10, 11, 12 years old has committed a crime, it’s because they live in situations that are unbelievably horrific, out of control, no parental supervision, no needs met, parents in prison, mothers addicted or in prostitution.

                        These kids were created by the same God you and I were. So, when we think about our prison population, don’t think that these are criminals that no one cares about. Pray for them. Think about them and pray that God does a miracle throughout the entire prison population in America. Pray that he uses this coronavirus to let go of a lot of people that are not a menace to society. The older inmates that have paid the price dearly once, two and three lives over. That has no business being in a prison. Where there’s no need for us taxpayers to house them. Think about those men and women. Also, think that these men and women and children cannot do anything to help themselves. They are truly at the mercy of God.

                        We need to seriously consider prison reform, and force our elected officials to create the program that will help our prisoners become better citizens. Don’t look at them as pieces of inventory, look at them as human beings created by the same God that created each and every one of us. Just think about that every single one of them can change, any of us can change. Yeah, there will be some that just will never change their lives but I’m [inaudible 00:03:33] to tell you, I spent 10 years in prison. 90% of all men and women and children there are dying to change. They’re dying to live. They’re dying to have a second chance. The system is against them.

                        So, don’t look at a lot of addicts who are in prison as criminals. They’re people that just need help. They’re sick. Mental health is something that we need to deal with here in America. Wake up my people, and think about those men and women, or if you’re a Christian, think about what Jesus says, “When did you visit me in prison?” Think about those prisoners. When you think about what they’re going through right now, there’s no more sense of hopelessness than when you are an inmate. Someone tells you what time to wake up, eat, sleep, go to the bathroom. There’s nothing that you can do for yourself.

                        You are truly at the mercy of God. But God loves those men, women, and children in prison. I know that. He loved me and he changed me. Gave me a new chance, gave me a new life. Therefore, I pray for the men at Angola. I’ve been going there for 19 years. There are unbelievable people. There are more men that I have met at that prison, they’re doing for life, that I would trust with my family more than a lot of men and women that call themselves Christians that I would trust. So, again, don’t judge them, don’t think about just yourself. Think about it, and if you have a chance, pray. Pray for those men and women and children that are in prison, and they’re dying to live.

Anyone of our loved ones, relatives or children could be one. So, one thing that we need to do is, once this is over, let’s see how we can hold those elected officials to change the laws, and help people change their lives because there’s a lot of men that can make a big difference in this world. I hope I am. I know four other guys that are out there beating the bushes every day to make a different world for our families and our children to create a different alternative. So, during this horrific virus, instead of looking at all the horror that it brings and all the bad that we’ve lost, and how bad it is that we’re cooped up in our houses, praise God that we have a home and a roof to stay under. Think about the [inaudible 00:05:33] of ours.

Therefore, when Jesus says, “When did you visit me in prison?” We can say, “I did, Lord.” God bless you. Have a wonderful day.

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