Narco Mindset Weekly Update (2) - Fear Divides Love Unites

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Narco Mindset Weekly Update (2)

Fear Divides Love Unites

April 3, 2020

Host: Jorge Valdes Ph.D. - An Author, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and You Tuber 

Narco Mindset’s Weekly Update brings you Dr. Valdes’ very unique perspective on current events.

Dr. Valdes talks about how people have allowed this virus to instill fear in the population, and what we do not realize is that fear divides us, whereas love unites us. We used to hate our political rivals,  not because we believe that to be a democrat or republican was terrible.  We felt that if you are a republican, you have the fear that liberals are taking your guns, and destroying families, etc., and if you are a democrat, you fear that Republicans are going to make your liberal rights, so it’s all about fear. Dr. Valdes mentions that in the bible, the expression FEAR NOT appears more than 360 times, so let us cling to the fact that the only thing we need to fear is fear itself. 

Narco Mindset Weekly Update began March 27, 2020.

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INTRO:              Welcome to Reflections from a Narco Mindset. Dr. Valdes examines issues we face today. We hope you will gain hope, wisdom, inspiration and truth from the secrets hidden in his ultimate narco mindset.

Jorge:               Welcome to the Narco Mindset Weekly Update. Today, I want to talk about a concept that I believe so much in, and that is that fear divides people but love unites us. We’re living in this moment with this coronavirus, and we realize one thing, as we look at the media just bombard us with information about how we should be fearing. As we look at the media bombard us with information, not to alert us, not to make us make better choices. Yeah, every here and there they say something but you know what really makes me sad is how most of the information is to create panic. Panic about something that we cannot control.

Once we do what we are instructed to do, keep a distance, social separation, stay home, wash your hands. Listen, if we stay home for the next 30 days, the world will not come to an end. I know that we might lose our jobs, we will survive, and we’ve got to trust our government, that it will get us through this. We will come out with better people and better human beings. Then we’re going to realize one thing, that as we have seen the climate of our nation, that we were so separated, we were so divided to the point that we hated each other depending upon who we believed should be in the White House or not. All of a sudden, we realize with this virus that none of that hatred will make this virus go away. What if we love each other and work with each other, we can help each other survive because we are the greatest nation in the world.

We have come through a lot of things in this world. The thing is in the past, there were no social media to scare the hell out of us, and I’m not saying that you should not be concerned. There’s a big difference between having fear and being concerned. Concern means I look, I analyze and I do what I humanly possibly can, and then I fear not. So, as we go into this time, perhaps one of the biggest gifts this virus has given us, the gift of love. Maybe we show our children the love that we have for them. Sometimes, the best way to express that love is by just being present in their lives.

Play a board game. Watch a movie together. Laugh together. Joke together. Listen, if we’re stuck in our homes for the next 30 days, it’s a hell of a lot better than being in jail for the next 11 years. So, again, I truly believe in one thing, that love unites us, and fear separates us. So, we have a choice to make. Do we choose to love or we choose fear? If we choose to love, it impacts other people’s lives. If we choose fear, it helps nobody. We’re in the lent season, I’m a Catholic. Perhaps it’s a good time to just turn the damn TV off. Quit listening to all these media giving us all these statistics; if you’re over 55, if you’re over 80, if you’re 90 if you’re a smoker. China did this, Japan did that. Who gives a crap?

Look at what you can control in your life right now. Take care of your health. Take care of your family. Instead of spending hours just agonizing over the fear the media gives us, perhaps, you know what, we just spend some of that time praying. I don’t know about you but I’m going to tell you something, I believe God does things when we pray that he does not when we do not pray. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it in my life. I’m not preaching to you, I’m just saying, listen, to me, I pray to Jesus but to you, it could be Allah, it could be whatever higher power you believe in.

I believe at the end of the day, most of us believe in a higher power. I’ve seen some hardcore atheists become believers really quick in a trench hole. So, my brothers and sisters here’s the word of the day; let us love more, let us fearless. The love we can control, fear we can’t. Love impacts lives, fear divides lives. Let us come out of this virus a stronger nation, a godly nation as we were created, one nation under God. Let us love each other more. Let us transform our society. Let us spend some time with our kids and let them know, “You know what son, I work 80 hours a day but as from now on, maybe I just work 40 or maybe I just take some time to go to the park, or how about we just play a board game.” God bless you. Love more, fearless. 

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