Narco Mindset Weekly Update (1) - Your Eschatology Defines Your Ethics

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Your Eschatology Defines Your Ethics

March 27, 2020

Host: Jorge Valdes Ph.D. - An Author, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and You Tuber 


Narco Mindset’s Weekly Update brings you Dr. Valdes’ very unique perspective on current events.


Dr. Valdes talks about a line he uses when he talks to gang members and others at youth rallies.  He explains that what he means when he says that your eschatology defines your ethics.  He states how you look at tomorrow determines how you act today. If you believe that there is a tomorrow, your actions are very different than if you do not think there is a tomorrow and accept that all that matters are today. He explains this as he contrasts how he looked at life when he was a Drug Lord. 

Narco Mindset Weekly Update began March 27, 2020.

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INTRO:              Welcome to Reflections from a Narco Mindset. Dr. Valdes examines issues we face today. We hope you will gain hope, wisdom, inspiration and truth from the secrets hidden in his ultimate narco mindset.

Jorge:               Welcome to the Narco Mindset Weekly Update. Today, I was thinking about something I said one time at a big rally to a bunch of young kids. That was, “Your eschatology defines your ethics.” They were like, “What?” I said, “Exactly. Your eschatology defines your ethics.” Everyone looked around, and they looked like they had seen a ghost, had no clue what the heck I was talking about. I said, “Let me put it in simple terms. How you look at tomorrow defines how you behave today.” I said, “For me, for Jorge Valdes, when I lived the life that I lived, a life of crime, when I lived in that world, there was no tomorrow for me.”

                        So, what happens? Every day, I just did what felt good, what I felt I wanted to do because, in reality, I believed that I was going to die any day. Then when I got so much money and so much power, subconsciously, I was begging someone to kill me because now that I had everything the world yearned, now that I had everything the world wanted, and it did not make me happy, so then why live? So, to me, the reason I behaved the way I did, womanizing, power, dealing drugs was that there was no tomorrow. Therefore, my eschatology, which means how I look at the end of the world, to me, was that day.

                        So, I behaved that day the way I felt. When God changed my life, and all of a sudden, I looked at it, and I was created for something much greater, something much better, that I had a purpose in this world even though I couldn’t see any of it. When I realized that then my behaviors changed because if there was going to be a tomorrow, it was going to be five years down the road or ten. I had to stop putting my life at risk, I had to stop doing the things that were leading me to die one day. Then if I believed that there was a God that was looking at me, and was going to change my life, I had to start doing the things that I felt would be appropriate, which would help Him to approve of my actions.

                        So, my life drastically changed. The only amazing thing was, it was my eschatology. How I looked at the world. As a criminal, I looked at the world like today, not tomorrow, not two years down the line, not five years down the line. As a man given his life to God, I looked at the world eternal because besides however many years I had left on this earth, in my mind, and in my heart, I believed that there was a heaven. People say that that’s stupid. I used to be one of those. I was a hardcore atheist but here’s the problem, here’s the issue. So, let’s say that there is no heaven. The thing about is that if I believe that there’s a tomorrow, that there is a heaven.

                        You know what, my behavior is going to be much different than believing that there’s none. So,  at the end of the day, if I die and I get to wherever I’m supposed to get to because there is no heaven, or I just go into the dust, I lost nothing. I lived a good life, I helped people, I was a decent human being, I loved people and I prayed for people. I became a better son, a better father and a better husband. Isn’t that something? Just because I believed that there is a heaven. So, therefore, if you’re a gambling person, think about how you look at the future. Remember, addicts, criminals have one thing in common, all of them, across the globe, we’re selfish people.

                        We give a damn only about us and nobody else, and we don’t give a damn what happens tomorrow or who hurt today because a selfish person only cares about satisfying that need and that desire that day. When we realize we’re created for something much greater, that there might be a heaven, and that there is a future for us then that selfishness goes away. We begin to think differently. We begin to think about others. We begin to love others. So, at the end of the day, ask yourself, how do you look at the end of the world? Because your eschatology will define your ethics. How do you look at the end of the world? It is the way that defines your behavior today. God bless you. Have a wonderful day.

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