Trailer - Narco Mindset Podcast with Jorge Valdes Ph.D.

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NARCO MINDSET Podcast  - Trailer

January 15, 2020

The Host: Jorge Valdes Ph.D. - An Author, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and You Tuber
Co-Host: Anthony Petrucci

Narco Mindset is an enlightening, informative, effortlessly entertaining podcast. It contains compelling RAW storytelling and intellectually honest talk about life. We will be delving into life challenges, life miracles, life recovery, and life opportunities. It illuminates a new generation on the power and the impact of a positive mindset by giving practical insights. Listeners will gain hope, wisdom, inspiration, and truth from the secrets hidden in the ultimate NARCO MINDSET. 

NarcoMindset is a seasonal podcast with new episodes every week… Starting February 1st, 2020

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Narco Mindset Podcast


Intro:              Before we watched TV shows and movies on Narcos, and even before Pablo Escobar’s rise to fame, there was one man who was the ultimate Narco. He lived the Narco life of greed, money and power, but found a way to reclaim his life, and use his astonishing experiences to empower others to live a life of hope, meaning and redemption. Welcome to the Narco Mindset podcast with your host, Dr. Jorge Valdes.

Jorge:             I’m very excited about the podcast. Listeners will hear stories about me in the Cartel that have never been told. In six months, I went from being that American dream to America’s nightmare.

Anthony:        Jorge, it’s intriguing that you were a founding member of the group that would come to be known as the Medellin Drug Cartel.

Jorge:             I was making a million dollar a month, sometimes three million dollars a month before Pablo Escobar even became famous. I made a deal with the Bolivian government. I was going to make 5-7 million dollars a month. I crash-landed in the jungle of Panama. I was arrested and tortured. I was charged with leading the largest drug conspiracy in the world. They sent me to prison for 15 years, but after leaving the cartel, I was arrested again. I went back to school, I got a PhD, and I wrote a bestseller, became an international speaker.

Anthony:          It’s amazing, Jorge, that you’re even still alive.

Jorge:            The world, broken, frail and full of shortcomings. In Narco Mindset, we will engage hard subjects. We need to find that safe place, deal with that hidden secret, and be liberated. Every single one of us has the power to make a difference in the world.

Outro:             We’ve come to the conclusion of this episode of the Narco Mindset podcast, but your path towards hope, meaning and redemption continues. For more information and resources to help you on your path towards finding a life built on integrity, honor and truth, head to, and join our community. We appreciate you joining us for this episode, and look forward to helping you find your turning point right here on the Narco Mindset podcast.